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Metro General Contractors can help you with your next design-build commercial construction project.

Michigan Commercial Construction | Metro General Contractors, Inc. - Grand_River_Plaza_steel_structureWith many commercial contractors, construction services are split up during a construction project, creating separate contracts and separate work.This can result in a loss of communication, delayed deadlines, and a lot of frustration. The team at Metro General Contractors understands the hassle of having too many parties involved with one project - The “Design-Build” method can avoid this. This method is a simple approach when working on a construction project; it’s one team, working together from start to finish, with open communication and collaboration to deliver the greatest results. Metro General Contractors can provide you with this service.

We believe that when the owners sit at the same table as the architects, builders, engineers, and estimators, the best and most innovative ideas are formed. Everyone is on the same page, knows what to do, and how to achieve your goals. Our design-build method results in creative ideas, minimized costs, efficient work flow, and structured schedules. With our design-build services being all inclusive, we offer the project owner the simple solution of having a single point of contact for the entire duration of their project.

The design-build method offers a more streamlined process from conception to final product, so you can rest assured your project is getting done correctly.

One Contract, One Unified Workflow from Conception to Completion

With the Metro General Contractors team, our combined expertise and experience will address your specific project design, construction requirements, and budget.

Design-build services are a great cost effective solution for your construction project because everything is done under the same roof.

With our method of project delivery, the design-build team works under a single contract with the project owner to provide both design and construction services. As a design build contractor, our design-build approach is typically the quickest delivery system. It’ll bring all the members involved with the project together from the start - which not only helps form a more successful partnership, but will also create greater results.

Our design-build capabilities combined with our effective management of subcontractors delivers a level of project execution with unparalleled quality and value for our clients.

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